The #WindowsUglySweater Is The Only Swag I Care About

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Last updated: September 16, 2021

On December 12th I saw this tweet below from @Microsoft and nearly lost my mind.

Apparently this is a yearly tradition now starting back in 2018 and I missed the memo last year. Microsoft for two years in a row now has been designing, creating, and giving away nostalgic Windows themed ugly Christmas sweaters. This year Microsoft showed off a Windows XP themed sweater and Twitter was soon flooded by influencers from across the internet who had received their surprise gift in the mail. Among the famous influencers were also large tech blog writers, Microsoft employees, and other industry professionals.

@MKBHD rocking the #WindowsUglySweater

@TomWarren from The Verge

Any many many more.

I am not one who gives in to marketing tactics often. I see right through your viral marketing campaigns. But when I saw the sweater…

How can you get your own?

Well, Microsoft is unfortunately not selling these sweaters. It was rumored that users who shared Microsoft’s tweet may be able to obtain one but there wasn’t much proof. Besides the tweet above I also responded to the main thread where @Windows was asking community questions:

Not much longer after this tweet I received a DM.

Twitter DM from microsoft

Not long after I received my prized swag 😍

The form appears closed now, I think it is safe to assume that the 2019 Windows Ugly Sweater event has now closed but it seems a semi-safe bet that it may return again next year.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to obtain one of your own. It seems some of the giftees have already listed their rare swag on Ebay.

Ebay Windows Ugly Christmas Sweater

I think I will be keeping mine however.

Happy holidays 🎉


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